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IBM: “Smarter Cities”

Oooh, look at this. Ads that not only advertise utility, they demonstrate it. Smart. 

Metal Potential? Silver-Gold.

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Hello! Last week Quinns gave a 40 minute talk at UK video game festival GameCity, designed to teach people about what’s happening in board games and why gamers the world over MUST get involved.

We recorded it, and you should check it out! It’s got all the evidence of why board game sales are rocketing up, three deadly arguments for you to borrow about why video gamers need to be playing board games, and even some jokes.

Watch! Enjoy. And definitely share.

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Shut Up & Sit Down: Season 2, Episode 5: The Summer Special


Some things are eternal. Love. Greed. The powerful board game reviews of SU&SD. The seasons. Is that it? I think that’s it.

In this, the grandest episode of SU&SD we’ve ever made, the boys do battle with their timeless nemesis: Summer. We’re looking at games that thrive with…

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Those of you who couldn’t make this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, here’s the best-of trailer we showed during our panel. Enjoy!

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What About Me? Infographic of my social media use


iPad Board Games

IGN definitely isn’t a trusted source for board games, but their recent “top 10 iPad board game apps” list is awesome. I strongly recommend you get started with Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. After you’ve played those, you can move onto other apps depending on your interest. 

Carcassonne for iOS

Friend me on GameCenter (@EvanGMan) and lets play some games! 



1981 Citroen Xenia concept

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This game should interest a lot of people here in Washington. 


Time for a new format! It’s a standalone video review, and what a review.

Sipping coffee, peering out from the windows of our White House (which is to say, a house containing two white people), we review 1960: The Making of the President. A fierce piece of design, a psychological wrestling match. And… predictably, the boys can’t agree on it.


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onenineninety: Occupy The Google+ 'Ghost Town'

My response to the criticisms that Google+ is a “ghost town.” What do you think? Are you willing to give the channel another look?


By Evan Gassman

AdAge recently slammed Google+ as a “ghost town,” and the numbers clearly aren’t pretty. According to ComScore, Google+ users are only spending three minutes on the channel.

Compare that with the 405 minutes a month people are spending on Facebook, and you may think AdAge…

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